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Why is it exciting to Explore Hunza?

The plan of going to Hunza excites everyone as this place is full of natural beauty that tourists love to explore. Hunza is just like a fairytale land that attracts everyone as its peace and snow-capped mountains make it an irresistible place for tourists. It is a small town on Karakorum Highway and is 100Kms from Gilgit. If you are travelling from Lahore or Karachi, the long route to Hunza will surely mesmerize you as you will come to see amazing locations on the way that would force you to stop your car and spend some time there.

Peace Everywhere!

Our urban life is full of busy routine that we hardly find peace in our surroundings. However, in the northern side of Pakistan, one can definitely find immense peace and calmness that actually proves good for mental and physical health. Yes, in Hunza, you get a chance to see life closely as there is no noise of bikes, cars, or buses. Moreover, the Hunza hotels are also located on places where you don’t have to be in a crowd all the time so you can relax easily and if you are a writer or photographer, you’ll surely find this side of Pakistan the most mesmerizing one.

Altit Fort and Baltit Fort

There is no doubt that Altit and Baltit forts are the main attractions for tourists as these forts own a true historical value. The astonishing architectural designs of the fort grab the attention of artists and whenever tourists visit the Gilgit side, they make sure to go to Altit and Baltit forts too. Baltit is around 700 years old and reveals a true picture of ancient living.

Glaciers and Mountains

When the snow falls on the large gigantic mountains of Hunza, the view becomes amazing that a nature lover may love to sit on Eagle Nest in Hunza just to see the beauty of mountains. Well, the glaciers also give a unique view as when the snow melts, cold water makes its own unique path. Such things ultimately grab the attention and leave tourists spellbound. More on, it seems like Hunza should be explored in every season especially during autumn and spring as the trees, glaciers, and mountains give a completely different view during all seasons of the year.

Fresh Fruits

The fruits of Hunza are quite famous as the people of Gilgit and Hunza have developed their agriculture system. So if you are planning to go there, make sure to taste different yet tasty fruits of Hunza especially peach, apples and cherries. Farmers of this region are making their great reputation for exporting fruits. Besides, there are many other wonderful reasons that excite tourists when they decide to explore Hunza.

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