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What would you prefer between steel framed houses or timber houses?

steel framed houses

Every one of us needs a safe, secure and robust building structure for our homes. The frame of a house is not different from the human body skeleton. Both structures serve as a backbone and hold everything up together and in a proper place. You have two good options to build your houses the steel framed houses or timber structures. Even the decision is your own, but it is necessary to know the benefits of both the materials.

Strength and quality of timber and steel framed houses:

As you all know iron is a durable and strong metal as compared to timber wood. However, the strength and quality of the house depend upon its structure that in what way the architecture has designed it to be a long-lasting and reliable model. A home that meets the standards and requirements of a suitable building structure is a home with strength and quality. The wooden structures do are not as strength full as steel structures, but they are stiff and hard enough to resist every adversity. Both the materials are available in different qualities with different features.

Resistance to movements:

The stable structures of your houses move. For example: by massive earthquake jolts etc. Even the slightest change in the steel frame or timber buildings can cause the chassis to creak, screech and can make noises. The creaking and screeching can be minimized, not eliminated, by fixing the brackets and connections or securing them with screws and bolts. The steel frame structures do not twist, shrink buckle or bend. The timber structures are also hard enough to bear massive jolts or movements.

Budget and Cost of timber and steel framed houses:

Wood is found readily available and easily sourced in the market, so it is accessible at more affordable prices as compared to the steel structures. The steel structures are quite expensive. The wooden structures are cheaper than steel. There are also chances of the presence of any errors, creating waste and debris and an increased cost of labour because all of the construction of the wooden structure is onsite. Nevertheless, the steel structures are prefabricated buildings which are designed and manufactured in the factory with easily assembled structures.

Natural material:

As you all know timber is a natural product used in making wooden houses. They are non-toxic, free of chemicals and are safe to touch. It could be an excellent option for you to build your new home whereas the steel is a metal not naturally available but still good enough to create a durable house for you.

Termite protection:

Wood is not the stable structure in a sense it can be attacked by termites and other bugs at any time. But there are specific steps which can be taken as to stop them from attacking your house. You can spray particular termites killer on the structures to get rid of bugs etc. on the other hand steel is 100% termite-proof. It typically makes the steel framed buildings invincible against termites. You do not need to have any termite protection system in case of steel framed buildings.

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