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Best types of Football turf and its Advantages!


Traditionally, the football grounds are authorised to spread with pure green smooth grass. For this reason, specific tactics are used to maintain the real grass on a daily basis. However, with the invention of artificial grass the daily chores related to maintaining the grass lessen to a high level. It is the reason that synthetic turf is widely used in maximum playgrounds. You will see artificial grass in Milton Keynes spread conveniently in the ground increasing the efficiency of the game. It has many types with a number of advantages which are elaborated below:

Natural turf grass fields:

Natural turf grass fields seek a number of varieties of grass that will help the players to play efficiently. The researchers are searching for such grasses which provide a stable and robust playing surface to the players for the game which can withstand the football rigours etc. Generally, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, Bermuda grass, zoysia grass or their blend is used for the football fields. It does not need any human resources, water, fertilisers, pest controls etc. It is also cost-effective. The natural turf grass fields remain the best choices from recreational to professional sports.

Matrix Turf:

The matrix turf is a shock absorbing grass. It keeps the players safe while playing the game. Such kind of turf is manufactured explicitly in Austin, Texas. This type of turf is produced in different types of lengths and shapes. You can order the one according to the size and shape of your playing ground. The grass is installed with a silica pea gravel base. It is designed with such a layering and material that not only makes it shock absorptive but also serves as a cushion so that the players remain safe from unexpected injuries.

Original AstroTurf:

The innovative AstroTurf was invented in 1966. The surface of the synthetic grass was tough to touch. It has minimal padding. The artificial grass had no flexibility on the surface as well. The grass was not as advanced as of the grass nowadays because of less modern technology at that time. The original Astroturf was once used in a number of professional and college stadiums. The NFL (National football League) stadium was the first ground to use synthetic grass. The manufacturing of such turf is stopped since 2009 because of the installation of more advanced synthetic turf for use in professional sports arenas.

The field turf:

Field turf is the latest type of synthetic grass. It is designed to mimic the real natural grass. The industry has adopted the grass instantly due to its numberless advantages for playing the big game. The turf is being used in more than 1,900 fields. The turf is manufactured using the polyethene blades. The grass fibre is 3-4 inches tall and is a mixture of crushed tires or rubber crumbs to soften the surface of the grass. Under the field turf sheet, a smooth base of crushed stones and drainage pipes is used to make it stiff and long lasting.

Sprin Turf:

The sprin turf is also a kind of artificial grass manufactured in Pennsylvania which makes a wide range of synthetic grass. Incredible synthetic blades are built to give it the full form of sprin turf. The field can be infill in some ways such as by rubber or sand. The results shown by the Sprin turf are amazing. It helps the player to play efficiently. The turf is used by different high schools and college football teams across the country. The turf is very convenient for the players as well as for the playing ground as it withstands the harsh climate changes easily.

Now let us ponder on some of the great advantages of the artificial grass:

Artificial grass to be played on for a long time:

Synthetic grass for playgrounds is specifically designed to be played on for several hours with no damage to it. You can play on it for approximately 250 hours per season. It is a long time to play on. The synthetic grass is always playable. It allows you a long time to play with no maintenance and services like watering it, trimming it on a daily basis, fertilisers, pesticides etc. The harsh weather conditions do not reduce the playability of the grass. It can easily bear the hard weather conditions.

The turf retains its features:

The artificial turf has specific characteristics. The unique fibres of the artificial grass in St Albans let you enjoy its longevity. The fake grass is reliable. The shape and unique manufacturing material allow it to endure harsh conditions. It gives you a long-lasting resilience with its soft touch. That do not irritates you or makes you itch. The fibres of the turf are so smooth and generous on contact that it gives you the real grass feeling. Such sports grass are developed for intensive and exhaustive use. Many teams can play on it whether for their training sessions or their big games. There is no restriction.

Maintenance friendly:

The artificial turf is maintenance friendly. You do not need to brush and trim the grass on a regular basis. You do not need to remove the leaves and to loosen the filler material into a daily routine. The artificial grass cannot be damaged by anything, so you do not need to use specific chemicals to spray on it to make it safe. You also do not need to spray pesticides on it to keep it safe from pests and bugs. The artificial grass is a fake grass that only needs to be maintained quarterly or on an annual basis by specific companies.

Natural looks and feels like real grass:

The artificial grass is although fake grass, but it feels and looks like the real grass. You can easily have the true to nature playing experience by using the synthetic grass. Artificial turf is optimal shock absorptive. It has turning and set-off powers. It remains and looks uniform over the whole pitch of the playing ground. It has real natural looks and feels due to its stunning grass fibres which are manufactured using the unique material. The grass is available in multiple ranges of colours. You can choose your favourite variety of green colour to install it into your ground.

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